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Installation Artists



INCEDIGRIS employs modern digital drawing tools to unveil an elusive, ancient, and universal aesthetic. Central to this endeavor is a creative process of conjuring, remembering, channeling, and recording visions that are difficult to grasp. These observational illustrations depict seemingly autonomous beings, from mysteriously sensed encounters. 

In the past 2 years, the accuracy of the observations captured by INCEDIGRIS has been confirmed by hundreds of fellow visionaries. The artwork has had the unexpected effect of establishing a consensus of commonly experienced encounters - bringing us one step closer to understanding... something...

At Equinox he will be set up in the gallery with some large format pieces, and will be doing some live art projected in the tent!

Also very excited to announce a LIVE collaborative visual set with Actualize! Incedigris will be live drawing elements that he will push to Actualize when completed to be mixed into the visuals! This is a never before seen collaboration that we are super excited to be able to bring to you.

TJ Spurge is a visual artist specializing in ultraviolet resin paintings. Utilizing UV pigment, glow pigment, mica powders, and inks, he creates imagery of deep space and the deep sea. Recently, he has become best known for his live artwork, which is created on the spot and projected in 4k, like a modern, eye-melting liquid light show.

We are also extremely excited to announce that at Equinox he will be doing a LIVE collaborative visual set with Actualize! He will be plugging his live resin art set up into the Actualize VJ set up to be remixed live as stage visuals! This never before seen physical/digital art collaboration is something very special that you will not want to miss.



Dana’s work is influenced by old world religion and spiritual enlightenment. Her pieces have developed as she connected the theme to modern day cultural values. She has adapted to her art by incorporating elements of surrealism, portraiture, pattern, geometry, music and spirituality to create a visceral experience that parallels to the movement we encompass. By using acrylic on canvas, Dana tries to capture the similarities between time periods and what connects us from then to now. As we currently live in this alternative lifestyle, we embody music, spirituality, and art to further ourselves as the forever-evolving conscious humans. Dana’s pivotal goal is to help enhance a musical experience with expression of a visual live creation in order for us to all grow consciously together.

At Equinox, she will be creating a very special art installation just for us!

Live Mural Artists



ALPHAPHREEK a.k.a Charlie Van Heteren creates art that leans towards conceptual realism with some surrealistic pieces that employ subliminal or hidden concepts. He also sometimes utilizes differing amounts of UV pigments in acrylic paint to create incredible images that appear 3D under a black light.

At Equinox he will be creating a massive mural for us, and we couldn't be more excited to have him out!





Created without much prior planning, the art of Catalystic Perceptions represents a flow state. Here are some words from the artist:

I'm kind of all over the place and just go with what I feel mostly. I've never really been able to pinpoint my mind or emotions really and have always been a freely moving spirit with no intentional direction. I enjoy freedom and find myself confused in the concepts of life because anything could go in any direction really. So I just allow my art to go wherever it wants. There's not much planning involved, mostly flow. It's my favorite way to do things.

We are super excited to have her doing her live flow art for us doing her first ever mural using paint markers!


Croz Arts


Andrew Crosby is a 22 year old artist from north New Jersey who creates beautifully psychedelic geometric art. Here are some words from the artist on his art:

I've been live painting for two years, but have been painting for as long as I can remember. I like to use acrylic and spray paint on canvas and wood. I try to experiment with depth and layers to create tunnels of shapes and colors. I am constantly trying to experiment with these elements to grow my painting skills and techniques. By doing this, I feel that I grow and mature myself and my soul.

At Equinox, he will be creating a large mural themed for the festival for us! 

Live Glass Blowing

C4 Glass



The Long-term Goal with "C-4" Glass is to provide the Highest Caliber of American Glass. Focusing on Innovative, Quality Products with a matching standard of Form and Function.

At Equinox we have the pleasure of having C-4 Glass joining us to do some live glass blowing! Definitely make sure to stop by and check it out!

Live Artists

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